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N-Craft by SeiA, Michael, KidKobon, Meghana

This mod adds a new power system NP (N-Points) and some tweaks to Minecraft and Mods

N.S.F. by marioateru, MCreator

Aprovecha la estrella del infierno!!!

NABanMod by 914554688wyt

NABan Support MOD

NARUTO V2 by tucke, MCreator

NBS Player by Le Duy Quang

A simple mod by Le Duy Quang that plays note block sounds.

NBS Recorder by leduyquang753

Records note block songs and save them as NBS files!

NBT BOOM by a08381, BakaMihu(Source)

BOOM Server By NBT Exploit

NBT Manipulator by Laike_Endaril

Allows editing of NBT during runtime

NBT Tooltip mod by ZaBi94

Shows item NBT in tooltip when F3+H is enabled

NBT Tracker by allout58

Tracks the NBT data on ItemStacks and logs discrepancies.

NBTPeripheral by MakerTim

NBTPeripheral, reads nbt as a peripheral.

NCCStuff by Wuppertaler93

Mod zur Erweiterrung fuer das Modpack New Castol City RolePlay.

NEC Heavy Crafting by Otamusan

More stimulation