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F-Utils by Arrait

Some commands for minecraft.

F3 Tech by -Unknown-

Adds some random technology.

F3 Unlockable by Axieum

A Minecraft mod to restrict aspects of the F3 debug menu

FARX by TRemill

For modpack FARX

FAT-Pack Mod by Poincare

Manage FAT-Pack Official Server

FATweaks by wormz,Windmill_City

Tweaker mod for the modpack Fabrica Atlantica

FB Mod by timot, MCreator

FBToggle by hjongh

FBToggle mod adds fullbright toggle functionality, accessible with a hotkey that can be changed in the Controls.


FCM Lien:

FD 1.12.2 V2 by Danil, MCreator

Cool foods

FF Quiver Mod by FreneticFeline

Adds a Bow and Quiver and various additional types of arrows.

FFxi Simple Packing Item Modd

FFxi Simple Packing Item Mod.

FFxiBuildAssistBlockMod by flameFox


FFxiCallAnimalBellMod by flameFox