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F-Utils by Arrait

Some commands for minecraft.

F3 Unlockable by Axieum

A Minecraft mod to restrict aspects of the F3 debug menu

FAT-Pack Mod by Poincare

Manage FAT-Pack Official Server

FATweaks by wormz,Windmill_City

Tweaker mod for the modpack Fabrica Atlantica

FB Mod by timot, MCreator

FBToggle by hjongh

FBToggle mod adds fullbright toggle functionality, accessible with a hotkey that can be changed in the Controls.


FCM Lien:

FD 1.12.2 V2 by Danil, MCreator

Cool foods

FF Quiver Mod by FreneticFeline

Adds a Bow and Quiver and various additional types of arrows.

FFxi Simple Packing Item Modd

FFxi Simple Packing Item Mod.

FFxiBuildAssistBlockMod by flameFox


FFxiCallAnimalBellMod by flameFox


FFxiDisplayGlassMod by flameFox


FFxiReraiseGhostMobMod by flameFox