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T'sEmblems by tommyte

This mod contains some very cool items that you can find in a dungeon chests. They're extremely rare, so keep looking :P

T-Square Builder Tools by Giltwist

Precision creative building tools for single player Forge from one of the original devs of VoxelSniper

TAGMOD by My Computer, MCreator

TANDimensions by brainandeyes

Add TAN modifiers in specific dimensions

TAS Recorder by Pfannekuchen

It records

TAS Tickrate Changer by Guichaguri, Cubitect, famous1622, ScribbleLP

Let you change the client/server tickrate, merging the Tickratechanger with some features of Cubitect's Cubitick Mod, fixing many issues in the process

TASTools by ScribbleLP

Tools for MC-TASing

TATAN WR Mod by Trico Everfire, Baxterdam (RpgJones)

Adds a water refinery for ToughAsNails



TBECoinsMod by yannis2707

Adds coins to the game!

TBF MOD 1.12.2 by James Fibe, MCreator

This adds one block that is very hard to break and can be used as a fuel, the fuel is way better than coal and charcoal.

TBL loader by Wyn Price

A mod used to load .tbl files as blocks.

TC Inventory Scanning by BlayTheNinth

Allows hovering over items while holding a Thaumometer to scan them.

TC Node Tracker by Dyonovan

Tracks scanned nodes for Thaumcraft