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X Life Health Mod by DaqEm

X Life Health Mod Made By DaqEm.

X Name Loader by xiaoguai0992

Change Your Minecraft Window Title!

X ore mod by Trevor, MCreator

X-Pack Utilities by Bartosz Zasempa, XalionGaming

X-Pack Utilities is a mod designed especially for Minecraft X-Pack Public Modpack by XalionGaming( ).

X-Ray Glass Block by marshkip

add block that see though wall.

XACT Mod by Xhamolk_

Xhamolk_'s Advanced Crafting Table

XCustomizedBlade by LT_lrsoft


XDefense by Xghost101, MCreator

Defense items and explosives

XEliteZ Update Utility

The XEliteZ Update Utility was designed to make the updating of your mods easyer. Since it's fairly simple to add more mods to this utility it can support any mod that has been registered to this mod.

XL Food Mod by mariot7

A mod that adds more foods and crops to the game.

XLifeHeartColors by DAQEM

Adds different heart colors for the X-Life modpack.

XMeowMod by XMeow

XMeowMod make your life better! Enjoy :D