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LANBroadcaster by Kneelawk, Ruan942

A mod for the host who wants their server to be visible on lan.


This is a mod but its just a unique and strange addon its extra drops for Lucky block Metal

LED Lighting by goldensilver853

Adds LED Lighting strips.

LEDM by Lockyz, MCreator

The LEDM adds over 50 new Dimensions to Minecraft (Among other things)

LEDM V.1.5.0 Preview 2 by Lockyz, MCreator

This is a preview version of LEDM

LEEDSBIO by PC, MCreator

LEEDSBIO2 by PC, MCreator

LIKE1.8 by cubic_control

This mod adds features from 1.8 to 1.7.

LIUWENJIE by Administrator, MCreator

LLib by iLexiconn

A library for some random mods