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UC Utils by Fuzzlemann

An useful Util Mod for UnicaCity

UCAddons by DaFeist

UCAddons ist eine hilfreiche Mod f�r UnicaCity

UCMDPlus by NichtTube

Diese hilfreiche Modifikation soll das Leben eines Medics auf UnicaCity vereinfachen! Tut es das?

UCode Better Blocks by Wojciech Brzeziński

Nowe bloku dla wersji 1.12.2

UFO by anar4732


The UFO mod for minecraft

UHC Compass by The_Fireplace

Adds a compass to the HUD that points to a user-set waypoint

UHC Crafting Recipes in Singleplayer! by Auitypio, MCreator

UHC Crafting Recipes in Singleplayer!

UHCHuds by OxfordCom

Just some huds

UHCUtils by Winter_Grave

Modded UHC Utilities

UI Tweaks by Rederpz

Attempts to tweak certain GUI elements for a better user experience.