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StubbornMonster by admin, MCreator

nxMinetilities by Nexx

nxMinetilities by Nexx adds several modular additions to Minecraft.

FARX by TRemill

For modpack FARX

ClocksRPGMod by ADMIN Mike, MCreator


Adds Many Different Types Of Cannon To The Game And Structures Too


Swasticraft, or Minecomf, is a mod with swasticas. Where you kill hitler.

Emerald Items by Enderite1089, MCreator

A mod that makes emeralds able to be crafted into tools!


This is an example mod

MCMatter by syoudai55551


Fairy Kingdom by Rushan

Make your life in Minecraft much interesting with FNwFroggy and Froggy series things!

EU-MJ Engine by Chocohead

Provides conversion between IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft energy

Nutricraft by TheBaloneyboy, TehLiquidToast

The Nutrigrain bar, a simple yet delicious any-time food. This mod adds many things relating to said bar, as an ode to it. (Nutrigrain® is a registered trademark of Kellogg NA Co)



Slender by iChun

Adds the Slender gameplay into Minecraft



VillagerBlock by alice

Make your auto-trading system!!

Road Block by TheSgtPunishment

Inspired by the upcoming 1.9 feature

Furby Mania by Chris Albery-Jones

Furby Mania adds Furby passive mobs and monsters, plus a number of craftable items that are useful more widely, such as the Copy Wand and the Monster Killer.

Inverse Blocks by Zetko

A mod that adds many random things.

Charcoal by IceMeloon

Use almost everything as fuel - no need to throw junk in lava!


This is an example mod

Inventory Overlay by Arcaratus

Adds in an inventory overlay on when you press a button


mega slime!!!!

WallpaperCraft by Aarron

A decorative Minecraft mod .

Super Sound Muffler by EdgarAllen

A block that allows you to select which sounds to muffle.

tv studio mod by JoppeGames1, MCreator

Diracon by Precursors

Precursors's First Mod.


Enter short description here


This is an example mod

Crafting Pillars Mod by Dawars, FBalazs379

Adds a redesigned crafting table. You interact with it directly. Others can see what you are doing. Things won't pop out every time you go away.


Nocxi Power Mod

Electric Saw by sor593

Example placeholder mod.


You will no longer be the only human to travel now.

Thaumic Wands by Zoko061602

Brings back Wands to Thaumcraft