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MONSTERENERGY MOD by hatimitsu, MCreator

OreExcavation Integration by BloodWorkXGaming

Integrates OE into other mods.

Crystals by amadornes, therealfarfetchd

A mod inspired by Thaumcraft 2 seals!

Infinite Orb by alice


FPS Counter

by smn

Simple Machines by WorkShopCraft

Simple machines to help you process ores, cook food etc. This version adds all the oregen.

AtmosphereCraft by CsokiCraft

Adds an API for simulating atmospheric gases.

TBF MOD 1.12.2 by James Fibe, MCreator

This adds one block that is very hard to break and can be used as a fuel, the fuel is way better than coal and charcoal.

The Key to Infinity by chace, MCreator

Cube Works by blueyu2

Adds custom blocks and items to the game.


guerreros protectores

Freakymon Item MOD by Miurion

Freakymon Item MOD.

Modern Metals by cyb3rkat

Modern Metals Addon

TFC Animals Plus by ァ6Bletchァr

ァbThis mod adds the entities in the Animals Plus mod into TerraFirmaCraft ァa0.79.18.ァr


A mod with lots of more new blocks

Inevera Craft by Gomer3261

Use magical wards to affect the world around you!

Entity Id Checker by Nforce Unil Makto

Asigne to Void entity , id who crash the game

Open Modular Turrets

All a man needs are meat ingots, and big ass turrets. Adds a heap of new turrets and upgrades!

SoggyMustache's Transportation by SoggyMustache


mod_EmeraldToolsMod by TheExplodingArrow, MCreator

My First Mod!

AllThatFood Mod by LinkPlayzFTW

|SPOILER| NEXT UPDATE WILL BE THE PLANT UPDATE! This Mod adds in various kinds of food from snack food to other kinds of food! More Food going to be added in! I am working as fast as I can! Thanx!

Hexxit World by phantamanta44, Sslime7

Lots of cool stuff to see in the world of Hexxit!

Moddddd by Mason46809, MCreator