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Pick Block Plus by ChaosTheDude

Makes several improvements to the vanilla pick block function.

WaterCraft mod by houdhakker2 by houdhakker2

This is made by houdhekker2 and its always gone bee.

Better HUD by Kanbe Kotori

A better HUD viewing for Minecraft.

XCustomizedBlade by LT_lrsoft


Obsidian Armor And Tool Mod by Thunder2118

Obsidian Armor And Tool Mod

Shield Machine Mod by SOL Crafters

This is the mod for you to break blocks easily!

The Nightmarish Kingdom by Goldorion, MCreator

A full RPG Mod with new RPG Game Systems


This mod is in alpha

AvalonNPC by yuxuanchiadm

Add common NPC to game

Balanced Exchange by Brad16840

Allows item and block transmutations using the Amulet of Transmutation


Rainbow Stuff! A mod with increasing modules and lots of (no) potential. You can go to the Rainbow Dimension, you can make Rainbow Armour, make a house out of Rainbow Blocks.


Dit is een mod van CrackingBytes

Apiary and Honey by queekusme

Realistic Beekeeping and Honey Production.

RabidMobs by Aikralacia, MCreator

Just some bug fixes~

MC Tweaker

Tweak most of minecraft's aspects to your liking.


Do you like ores ?

Labyrinth by Danners68, OllyNinjaDude

MGN's Library Mod

Throwable Bricks Mod by StrangeOne101

Finally, after a long long time, bricks are now throwable in minecraft! Bricks can do damage to mobs, can break crops and can shatter glass, and so much more! Grab a brick and throw it at those damn creepers!


This is a mod made by FabrÌcio Milit„o Teixeira Evangelista for the fans of AuthenticGames.

Metallitech by Lemon_Juiced

A Mod About Metals And Machines

Pixelmon by Pixelmon Development Team

Pokemon, in Minecraft!


This is an example mod

ExtraFPS by SiroQ

Extra FPS for minecraft!

NazzyDecoMod by Klanddy, Nazzy

More Variants Blocks.

CloudCity by WangJiarun


Sliced by TheGuyRunningSouth

Food Slicing mod

Bread Stone by its_meow, DarkCow

A joke mod adding various items made of hardened bread.


Hi i'am gusosasi and this is my Sword Mod habe fun!

Crystalz Generation X by EliteAspect21, EliteTech US Dev Team

A tiny mod about the wonderous world of crystals

Quest Mod by Rilai

Quest Mod Created by Rilai

Unifier by grundyboy34

Item Unifier based on AutoUnify


This is an example mod