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Crafting Keys by skate702, 0xSeb

Simple better crafting! Crafing Keys enables new inventory key-bindings to speed up your crafting.

Random Block Mod by snubbub

Adds a block that can drop almost everything!

MsPaintS mod by kl, MCreator

Enter short description here

BetterRottenFlesh by Jonessc2016

Yet Another Rotten Flesh To Leather Mod.

Coliseum by Frinn

This mod do things

Jen's Wacky Guesses by TheMinecraftOverlord

This mod adds in a bunch of mobs that Jen guessed incorrectly for the Challenge Games!

§bUseful Tools by Jayfeather311 - Code Awesome_Sauce200 - Some Textures

Just as the name entails, it adds more tools to the game.


Adds More Swords And Other Tools To Minecraft


Dieser Mod beinhaltet alle alkoholischen Getränke vom German-RolePlayMC Server

The Void

Adds the Void dimension.

The Scaffolding Mod

Adds cheap scaffolding to Minecraft.

Thaumic Arcana by Frontrider

A thaumcraft addon extending on biothaumaturgy, and the manipulation of the environment


This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.

Regeneration by Grayson, Sub, HoldYourWaffle

Mod that adds regeneration to Minecraft

SiberiaMod by iZerus

This mod makes Minecraft the way it should be: complex, severe, moderately realistic and not forgiving mistakes. Feel the real survival mode!



pupmod_for_kirchners by by plopp (Germany)


Dimensional Doors by StevenRS11

Bend and twist reality itelf, creating pocket dimensions, rifts, and much more

Gulliver Reborn by Camellias_

A remake of some of the features from the Gulliver Mod.

The Instant House Mod by JavaBuckets - Thom

The Instant House Mod adds in Items and Blocks which canbe used to create Instant structures meaning you don't have to build them yourself!

Inventory Totem by Rick South

Makes the totem of undying effect work when existing in the player's inventory.

ShaftedProductions by Randy_tnt, MCreator

CityMode by User, MCreator

Oops by darkevilmac

A solution for accidental placements.

Combustible by Noobanidus

Combustible configurable wooden furnaces!

Abyssal Depths by Chumbanotz

A port of Aquatic Abyss



More Mystcraft Decays by Draco18s

Adds several new decay blocks and environmental effects for Mystcraft 0.10.4

Car Mod by Max Henkel

Car Mod

Perspective Mod Redux by BoxOfFlex

Remade version of Perspective Mod/Cheatbreaker F5 Mod


Adds MP3 Players and iPods to Minecraft 1.10.2, as well as a music disc!



StoneStuff by FireCubex

This mod adds two stone armors and some new stone recipes.

Chisels & Bytes by Belgabor

Chisels & Bytes is an addon for the Minecraft mod Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2. The mod allows you to export a Chisels & Bits block as a descriptive file for the OpenComputers 3d printer and works client-side only.

KubeJS by LatvianModder

Blood Smeltery: A TCon Addon for Blood Magic by Smileycorp

Adds the ablity to create Life Essence and Rune blocks in the Tinker's Construct Smeltery.