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Gany's End by ganymedes01

This is one of the three mods in the Gany's Mods collection. Gany's End adds blocks and functionalities related to the end (duh). Decorate your house with a better looking End Stone! or use Ender Pearls bricks! Use blocks to teleport other blocks! Make blocks disappear! Have an infinite bucket with all the water you'll need! Or behead your enemies using a scythe and gather their heads!

Vodka by ninja, MCreator

JourneyMap Server by mysticdrew, techbrew

Server stuff for JourneyMap

The Math Mod by javaforfun

A mod filled with math stuff!

Mine++ _ Alpha by Shoy, MCreator

A minor Minecraft expansion

Mob Spawn Recipes

Adding a way to craft mob spawn eggs.

Arachnophobia by Bread10

Removes spiders.

Ingame Server Switcher by canelex

Allows you to connect to another server directly from the current server.

Excalibur STALKER by Xssnick, Fargry, lokamp

Survival mod to Minecraft


Enter short description here

Oxygen: Store by AustereTony

Advanced admin-shop.

BQExport by Dogboy21

Keep Hunger by Terrails

It saves your hunger when you respawn


This is an example mod

Extended Days

Making days and/or nights longer.


Secure your precious server


This mod adds some great high-tech stuff and looks just awesome. It also adds some cool events. We think there is still a lot of potential so check for the updates of the mod

Elemental Creepers by Lomeli12

A complete rewrite of xSmallDeadGuyx's Elemental Creepers.


This mod add Pylo Si Stone

Trukey Noodle by Koticha, MCreator

Visualize by Jaredlll08

Syncs video settings between packs.

ReplayAddon by nessie

Somewhat useful addons for ReplayMod.

Simple Flax by coderbot16

Adds Flax, allowing the easy obtaining of large quantities of string.

ForgedPerms by kremi151

Linking the Forge permission API to the one of SpongeForge

Ratchet&Clank complements by Ronaldo, MCreator


This mod is still BETA


This is an example mod