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MC+ Craftsman ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for crafty Craftsmen! - The 2nd essential step in the 3 step process: Mine, Craft, Repeat.

CaijiMod of libs by ExampleDude

real life mod by §aItsAMysterious

This mod makes Minecraft more like the Real Life!It addes tones off new things to minecraft, including temperatur, illness, telephone, tv and much more...

Carbon Mod by jmanpenilla

Use carbon to make diamonds! Very early beta, mechanics are likely to change.


Extends Minecraft with crazy stuff like Adamant or Meteor Bombs!

EffectSwords by Dashnopat

Adding swords with effects, eg. Ice Sword.

ITEMS by , MCreator

Rockhounding: Rocks by GlobbyPotato

A wide collection of decorative rocks with a reasonable realistic depiction. Building blocks included.

leiting by admin, MCreator

Goosebumps mod by Gusutabo, MCreator

RankUpper by FabioZumbi12

Auto rankup plugin based on economy, time or xps

Nate's Skyblock Mod by Nat3zDev

A mod for the gamemode Hypixel Skyblock by the Hypixel Network. It adds Quality of Life and overall Helpful Features!


This is an example mod

Simplesabers by scaryclown, MCreator

Magicka Minecraftia

A simple magic mod for Minecraft 1.9

Endermanage by FyberOptic

Allows you to control which blocks Endermen can carry.

Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology by Dooglamoo

Friendly and fun alternative ways to get mob drops and Nether resources with an archaeological theme.

Combatica by Nano

Combatica is a combat oriented mod, with the idea of balancing both magic and arms combat.


Best MOTD plugin multi platform support!

WorldPregen by Dogboy21

Spongeplugin um Welten vorzugenerieren

NebCore by Nebula

WIP Library

Magic Construct by gabri, MCreator


One Piece mod


Add More Blocks Redpower 2


This is an example mod

Chat Control Mod by iCheppy

Useful chat utility mod for Hypixel SkyBlock.

Testerino by MrComputerGhost

A mod made for testing out new ideas.

§4§lMore Fuels Mod by §4B§6o§4r§6e§4d

§6§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

ExlineCraft by Exline

ExlineCraft adds over 100 new items including, sandwiches, sushi, pizza, candy, new armors and tools. Also, new rare mobs to find including Bigfoot, Yeti, Albino Bat and a Nice Creeper! There are also some new crafting and furnace recipes.

Weak Drop Tweaks by Ironically

A slight rebalance to as many drops as possible :)