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Arbox by SecretSquigglez

Nothing cuts air better than sharper air

forever small by berzik corporation

forever small mod

WIMP(What Is My Ping) by SHsuperCM

This mod will show you your ping in-game!

ColorfulBuilding 1.12.2 - ver.1.1.0 by johnc, MCreator

Enter short description here

ServerInteractions by Justin

Handles interactions between the server & the client in a non required way

ViaBackwards by Matsv

Allow older Minecraft versions to connect to an newer server version.

HML_FastBreak by HMLProject

A module for Hanabi Module Loader, which allows you can break block faster.

AOLOnyxAuriteLuminiteV202 by Xi_, MCreator

AOL update

HappyDiggers Announcements by fredoduquartier

This will notify players about HappyDiggers mod packs.

SCP New Blocks and Stairs Mod by Egorich, MCreator

UrlClickFixer by Dogboy21

UrlClickFix aus Core in ein Extraplugin ausgelagert um Shadow-Relocation zu umgehen

ActionBar Extension&Swapper by MasterBit

Add two swap keys, left and right. Also add up to 18 additional swap keys to load single slot-items into the hotbar. There is also a preview key, by default set to left alt: it shows on screen the custom keys item-slots with the key binding associated (just use it, it's very simple to understand). Finally you can customize the keys in the controls menu of minecraft vanilla, and customize the mod settings in the config file named <actionbar_extension_mod.cfg>

ItalianStuff by fabio

This Mod Adds Some Italian Tools

playerfuben by admin, MCreator

Pixeljobs by Lypaka

A Pixelmon Generations jobs plugin

Elementaristics by Aelpecyem

A mod about the elemental things

Strike A Chord by MrSourceCoded

Want more sound in Minecraft? Want to show off your wonderful music skills to the whole server? Well, now you can!

IronMan Unlimited:Remastered by IronManArmorDood

For all your IronMan Needs, The Ironman Unlimited Mods

FNaF 2 Mod by winne, MCreator

Brines Mod by ItsIkeyMC, MCreator

The Brines Mod

Tax Addition User by Taknax

Additional content for Codex

cookable rotten meat by Kyoukster, MCreator

Why this mod need description?


A mod that adds Crystalix to Minecraft.

Fantasy Metals by cyb3rkat

Fantasy Metals Addon


This mod brings Blocksworld to Minecraft!

Rustic BOP Woods by Wolfie_Waffle

A mod that adds some Biomes O Plenty wood compatability to Rustic.

BugBook by 3Rr0R

Using the writable_book to return the chunk.

Copy Formatted Coords by JuicyOrange


RC Plants by Peffern

This mod replaces RC's plants with TFC crops.

RPG Race Mod - Fantasy Races by KillerOfCubes

Adds RPG-like races to the game.

Recall by Trevi Awater

A easy way to get to your spawn location

Pocket Nether Mod by Kandivia

Never Venture to the Nether Again!