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MoreHorror by Made a by BaconRocks777 aka BaconRocks77

IO Horror

HBW Helper by Leo3418

Hypixel Bed Wars Helper (HBW Helper) is a Minecraft Forge mod which shows you information you care about in a Hypixel Bed Wars game at a glance.



Custom Main Menu Tweaker by Watersfall

Adds some useful features to Custom Main Menu

mod_MoonMod by blackopsIIbo2, MCreator


The Expanded Signs Pack

A Immersive Vehicles Pack that adds mostly road signs

ITE Weapons Mod by Plankst, MCreator

New Ores, and Weapons

AngerMod - Angry neutral mobs by Namikon

Define blocks/events where friendly/neutral mobs shall become angry

Keddy's Mod by keddy_cn

addon something interesting~

yvanchujiguan by dell, MCreator

Just Enough Calculation by Towdium

A simple mod to help you with recipe calculation.

Better Questing by Funwayguy

A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators

Telex by andrenoel

Teleport X allows very fast chat commands to teleport to 11 different positions. Intended to jump between a work location(x) and up to 10 other locations(0-9). User specific teleport points that also preserve your view angles. /x to go and /xx to set location.


This is an example mod

MaintenanceSponge by KennyTV

Enable maintenance mode with a custom maintenance motd and icon.

finallysword by rainbow

by rainbow


This mod add items, that you can use to paint vanilla blocks

Mob Kill Messages by EmiyaKiritsugu

Displays customizable messages for mobs killed by players in chat.

Simple Portals by TheLordofMelons

A small addon for Simple Dimensions

Draconic Drip by Coolunicorn322, MCreator

An addon for Draconic Evolution, which automatically gives a Draconic Staff of Power when a player first enters a world. Direwolf20's idea. Made with MCreator so I could make the mod more confortably.



FNS by ytshr, MCreator

FutureX by FutureX

FutureX Utility Mod

MORE APPLES by hobit, MCreator



GateCopy by denoflions

This mod adds a clipboard item that can copy the settings from a Buildcraft Gate and paste those settings onto another similar gate.

Mineralis Medicus by turkish4delight, MCreator

Hunt rare and exotic minerals!

Pam's Get all the Seeds! by MatrexsVigil

This mod makes all the seeds in the game in addition to wheat drop from tall grass. Use the config file to turn off seeds dropping or change their frequency

ExPContainerMod by clocka

[1.6.4] 経験値を保管するブロックを追加するMOD

Blood Smeltery: A TCon Addon for Blood Magic by Smileycorp

Adds the ablity to create Life Essence and Rune blocks in the Tinker's Construct Smeltery.

Old swords by lucianofunari, MCreator

CherryPig by Othlon

Dem Piggies

3D Blocks by supermj767, MCreator

A mod that adds decoration blocks to minecraft!

Everyday Commands by ZigTheHedge

A bunch of server-only commands and tweaks


NPCs plugin for PixelBuilt Server

EDX Multipart by Coded

Multipart module for EDX.