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MSDataSync by Cableguy20

A plugin to synchronize player inventories with a database

YagmaCraft by Serto_Yagma

This is the first Mod of Serto Yagma and I hope you´ll enjoy it THX for Reading (:

Prefab by WuestMan

Provides ways of making pre-fabricated houses and other structures.

Ultimate_Ore by Darius Bennett, MCreator

Quick Hotbar by Kulttuuri

While in game hold ctrl and and use mousewheel to browse through your inventory rows.


go to the nearest tree and hide

Oxygen: Trade by AustereTony

Ingame store, allowing players to trade with each other.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

AetherWorks by V0idWa1k3r

An addon to Embers by Elucent that introduces Aether shards - a rare and valuable material you can process with Embers to create truly powerful tools

Mining Worlds by Zarkov

Adds new player created dimensions suitable for (automated) mining.

More Machines by hybro, MCreator

A Wonderful mod if you want machines in your world.

MLP Mythical Creatures Mod by Twilicorn(HurricaneSHLBHP)

Includes MLP Creatures and other things.


This mod add 5 new creepers that will attack instead of blowing up in your face.This mod is alot like the Elemental Creepers but a little more basic and the creepers attack you.

Soup Mod

Extending Minecraft with lots more soup!

TheGhastModding's OpenComputers additions by TheGhastModding

Adds OpenComputers shit


This is NOT an example mod


Use to be My World

HonorMod by matth, MCreator

Animals' Revenge Mod by creepersgalore

Adds various hostile farm mobs.

Cyber Reboot by SkyNetCloud

A small and fun mod with a lot of cool blocks

Sliptopian Utilities by ProRed

Made for the Sliptopia Modpack


Secure your border with this


3D Models


Once crafted, you'll never need to go mining again!


Ever wanted dinos in minecraft

RubyAddons by ZackapooYoutube, ZackapooMC

Sword + + by RuSsiA_Zocker_HD

Diese Mod bring neue Schwerter in dein Spiel. Diese Mod ist in der BETA

[SBM] Fluid Gun by its_meow

A single block mod adding a fluid gun which allows players to shoot and suck in liquids at a range.

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Slabcraft by Blubbeltasche

The Mod adds 75 new Slabs in the Game.


This is an example mod