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AstroLib by TheCodedOne

SpotifyMod by Fyu

Spotify integration for Minecraft

ElementarCraft 2 by mr_creator, MCreator

Better Loading Screen by AlexIIL

A better loading screen that shows you the status of minecraft's loading time

Rockhounding: Rocks by GlobbyPotato

A wide collection of decorative rocks with a reasonable realistic depiction. Building blocks included.

Lore Expansion by TehNut, CyanideX, dmillerw

Add a narrative to your world.


makes addition Ores, weapons/tools, Armor and more.

Random Crap by comma, MCreator


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Apple+ by Bastien, MCreator

trevorcraft by heath, MCreator

LittleMaidAvatar by firis-games

The appearance of the player changes to a LittleMaid.

Inventory Scan by BRE

Find specific items in the inventory.

Extreme Energy by Minebot

Extreme Energy adds implants, many machines, new resources and energy in chunks

MoreChunks by Gjum


If you need help put down comment and i will help you

Spatial Server Mod by Dj

This mod allows most modded TE's to work in the Spatial Storage from AE2

Cmo Blocks by Nafrayu, MCreator

jianjianmod by Administrator, MCreator

Tinker's MiddleEarth by TheCrafter4000

Makes Mevans LotR mod and TiC compatible


This is an example mod

Mo' Weapons! by Ian, MCreator

Nick Hider by Sk1er

Sound Mixer by makamys

Control the individual volumes of sounds.

The Titan by ngt5479

XiaojiaAddons by PotassiumWings

Cheaters get banned.

Dot Connector

Connects the dots between Fossils and Archaeology Revival and CoFHCore's retrogen.


Craft spawn eggs. Simple.

More Loading Info Mod by CJ Burkey

Shows more information while the game is loading