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WWE's Auto 32k by IKnowImEZ/THEREALWWEFAN231, wwe client

Auto 32k mod, keybind ', can be changed in keybind settings

Extended Shaders by FirEmerald

Adds extended shader support to minecraft , including multiple post- processing effects and multiple shader effects at once.

Interstellar Ores by Zerren

Ores for every Galacticraft stone type for use with CoFHCore generation

The Hordes by ExampleDude

Zeuscraft by jwdjwd, fisherman77

Greek mythology in Minecraft.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

PvP Info Mod by Eifel

Mod that shows pvp kills.

Camo Craft by supermj767, MCreator


Hard as nails philium

BTCore by AndyBTTF

Core mod for many mods by AndyBTTF.

GUI thing by llamaWol

Simple gui thingy for coffee ig


Bullet-firing bows


This is an example mod

More Stuff Mod by C_ube_B, MCreator

Adds NPC's Armor and More!

mod_IDNTECH by alcide6 (Batch Code), MCreator

The IDN Tech Mod

Orva Economy by Orvnge

Adds economy to minecraft!

Bedrock Tools 2 by Tanttinator

Create tools and armor from bedrock! Because I know you always wanted to

Switches by Myrathi

Switches provides alternative switch designs and lever/switch piston-activation.


My first mod.Mainly used to accumulate experience.

Alt F4

Simple upgrade to the vanilla furnace, with experience management, and a customizable smelting list

GoldenAppler Mod by GoldenAppler

Is mostly about apples...

§bUseful Tools by Jayfeather311 - Code Awesome_Sauce200 - Some Textures

Just as the name entails, it adds more tools to the game.

Thaumic Additions by

An addon for Thaumcraft. Makes life a lot easier with this mod

Hostil Tech by nobuc, MCreator

Soccraft by Sacha12341234, MCreator

Enter short description her

Player Interface by SteGr99

This Mod adds a Block from with you can access a player's inventory.

MenderMod by Sadan

A simple mod created by Sadan.

WizerDrugs by WizerTV, MCreator