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TinySize Lib by RedstoneBoy0509

Library for all RedMod Projects.

TattleTail Craft by cubic_control

Welcome to TattleTail in Minecraft.

AOLOnyxAuriteLuminiteV202 by Xi_, MCreator

AOL update

Condenser Values API

An API that handles the ids and values for the condenser. It comes preloaded with values for minecraft, IC2, BOP, TConstruct, and Backpacks!

WaPluginForNEI by defeatedcrow

prolicence by kvosk, MCreator

Jeivillagers by Buuz135

A JEI plugin for veiwing Villager recipes

NoPortal by Zerthick

A simple plugin to prevent creating Nether Portals.

YouTuber's Lucky Blocks Mod by thvardhan (AKA Serial Player), spikespaz

YouTuber's Lucky Blocks Mod by @thvardhan. RNG blocks for every YouTuber!

Ultra Modded Tweaks by Mangrove Media, MCreator

War Age by ya3kj, lwj

Example placeholder mod.

����� by Nikolya Cocka, MCreator

TmTmc-OresAndMore by smmmadden, MCreator

Take Me To Minecraft - Ores And More

Set Home & Waypoints by Dodge_Man_

Add home and waypoints to teleport through the world !

Waffle Mod by WFlyingSquirrel

More than Waffles.

Beam Interactive Minecraft Adventure by UnwrittenFun, ProbablePrime

An interactive minecraft adventure for


Enter short description here

Transmuter 1.12.2 by wmcrobbins, MCreator

Diamond Cheat


Made By JG Games HD:

Schr0s Material Scan by Schr0

Take It Easy !!!

Potato Blocks

Potatoes in Block Form!

Hype Wear by Toliak

Hype wear mod.


A diamond Broadsword!

Destroyed by aurilisdev

Destroyed is a minecraft mod that breaks minecraft for you

CustomPort by afdw

Mod that adds LAN server port select box.

Hollowing by Darkmainiac

Adds a Dark Souls inspired death penalty system to survival Minecraft.

Just Dyes by reteo

Provides single-purpose, origin-neutral dyes for modpacks. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Purple Guy by CodingKid, MCreator


FreeCam by kapiteon

FreeCam. Like spectrator mode.

Humbling Bundle by Rick South

A minimalistic mod that doubles all dropped entity loot.

Regrowable Leaves by LiLRichy

Leaves slowly regrow when broken by a player.