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This is a Great Block Mod

Stellwand by SeltixSub

Stellwand Mod

Items Don't Break by gigaherz

Prevents using items that are about to break

Ocean Adventures

Ocean world with cozy little islands and lots of adventures!

Sextiary Sector by シフト (Shift)


Sinhika's Bark by Sinhika

Adding harvestable tree bark, tools, and recipes that use it.

Big Fusion by RogueLogic


Mob Spawn Recipes

Adding a way to craft mob spawn eggs.

Real Stone Tools by The_Fireplace

Fixes the recipes for Stone Tools.

Elemental Dimensions by McJty, Elec332

Elemental Dimensions Adventure

Casse by Rhodonite

Rhodo's addon that adds some gems that do stuff and are cute too :3

MoreFoodStuff by mercedesforlife, MCreator


Advanced Thaumaturgy

Addon for Thaumcraft 4


Securecraft by LordBlackHole

Securecraft is a mod that adds a few blocks focused mainly on protecting your home and your belongings from hostile mobs and other players


Dimensional Ores by MiningMark48, Codyrule040

Adds ores to The End and Nether.

sev_tweaks_npc by vadis365, Shinoow



Alot Of Bug Fixes And A New Dimension!!!

Canelex Keystrokes by canelex

Keystrokes but with alpha and fading.

Crafting Automat by Lolcroc

A vanilla-esque autocrafter

Rockhounding: Surface by GlobbyPotato

A collection of features nature and geology resources.

Ore Pings by Kokolihapihvi

Ore pings to easily locate specific ores Inspired by FortressCraft Evolved

ChickenCraft by Sejoslaw


This is an example mod

Spawners by SelJPM, MCreator

Adds Spawners to minecraft

CoFH: Vanilla+ Satchels by Team CoFH

A Vanilla Enhancement mod which adds bags which hold and can automatically collect items - in various vanilla materials.

Are You Being Watched? by §3ZombieEnderman5 and creepersgalore

§3§oDo You Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

Sponge Adventskalender

Sponge Adventskalender

Potatorium Mod by _chuchu_, MCreator

Enter in a wonderful world full of potatoes !

Progressive Automation by Vanhal

A mod that adds automation that can be built in the early game and upgraded throughout late game. (Currently only adds a miner)

Tektopia InfoTablet by Creepler13

Infotabblet for Tektopia.

Din's Flat top mountains reviwed by din

Mountains with a flat top

Enable Cheats by modmuss50