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Restructured by OreCruncher

Modify your world by adding structures

Paint This! by pau101

This mod allows players to paint to their heart's content on canvases placed on easels or a wall and then frame their artwork.


This mod adds donuts to the game!

Lost Thaumaturgy by APengu

This mod adds a lot of content from Thaumcraft 2 and adds plenty of neat and useful magical tools that you may need to use while playing.

Thut's Wearables by Thutmose

Accessories for Minecraft

Orienteering Mod by Xu Kai (Peking University)

This mod helps you organize and run orienteering in Minecraft by establishing a checkpoint and scoring system.

BlipBot Points by BlipBot

Let your viewers on Beam gain points by watching and interacting with your stream, which can be used to affect your game.

NotEnoughRecipes by Darkyoooooo

A little useful mod.

Earthcomputer's Client Command Mod by Earthcomputer

Commands for the client

KewaiiLib by KewaiiGamer

A library mod for most KewaiiGamer's mods.

Hexagonal Diamond by Riku17777

Add Hexagonal Diamond. ores,items,tools

Nintendo Mod by Spripri15, Link1234Gamer

Add few Nintendo Consoles

Random Enchantments by Tfarcemin

Adds various miscellaneous enchants and curses to Minecraft.


Thanks for installing!


Greek Gods Of Olympus In Minecraft

Dragon Core by Dragon9815

This Mod is a Core Mod for my Mods.

Icy U Melting by The_Icy_One

Stop ice melting thanks.

Quicker Crafting by MiddaPhofidda

Adds a queued crafting mechanic ala Factorio to reduce tedium in crafting.

ZCoins by Kiamate

Adds Z-Coins for Trading

Moar Things by NaturalEvo/Kiryuninja, MCreator

Adds some extra stuff

Advanced Kinetics 2 by hexaguin

A variety of tools and constructs to influence and control motion.

Energy Converters by xalcon

A mod to freely convert between IC2 EU and RF power

Windex.Tool by Owstrev, Street_y, Ramen, D00M

A utilized 1.12.2 Anarchy PvP Client

RandoShiz by GGCrosby, MCreator

Random stuff for minecraft.

Enemyz by xieao

Shows enemies who targeting you.

Quick Paths by Rick South

Create long paths instantly by setting a start and end point.

Just Another More Ore Attempt by Endergreifer153

Another of many attempts at adding more ores and mining related items

Default World Generator by FireBall1725

A small mod to automatically select the default world generator for single player


This is an example mod

CrateDrops by Rovearix

Plugin that spawns in a crate at a random location


The traditional addons for our let' play! server

Plain Blocks by Wavebrother

Just blocks with one color.

ZycerPack by aarni, MCreator

Mystic Ores by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Adds ores into the Nether and Overworld