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The SpawnChecer draw informations to ingame of mob spawn points, slime chunks and the MobSpawner.

UnLogic by F1repl4ce

A 'Random Things' type mod that adds lots of useful content.


This mod adds some biomes that are made of Ores!



Adds a tool which converts cracked earth into dirt.

DropOff by SCP002

Mod, in functionality similar to the DropOff button from the Quark.

Call To Battle by Beardielover

The WWII Mod

More Alloy Mod by Danielshe

This Mod adds a lot of different alloys to find and craft!

Sentek Runic Teleporters by Sen isSaqqara

Simple teleporter constructs by Sen

Clone Land by its_meow

This mod adds another dimension to Minecraft, but a complete clone of the one you're in... Imagine, just swapping dimensions instantly by clicking on an item... spooky.

TelePastries by Mrbysco

Pastries that teleport players.


Fancy Selection boxes!

Magic Tools by TheGamingBee

This mod is for better tools.


Just A Freeeze Mod!

Flanmetrower! by Bogddan, MCreator

Bauble Of Undying by InsomniaKitten

MGCore by MrrGingerNinja

A library mod required by all of MGStudios' mods

MoreCreatures by chuiod steve, MCreator

Better Drops Mod by SoggyMustache

Gives entitys better drops


A mod that adds an endgame weopon: A pistol

Popup Events

Easily accept or deny a request on Hypixel with the press of a button.

the iron golem summoner by Thedrawingcreeper, MCreator

now you can spawn a iron golem !!! with out colecting a buntch of iron and pumkins!

Fast Leave Decay by lumien

Makes leave decay faster

mod_GarrysMod by Fast_Zombie12, MCreator

Adds New Mobs And New Weapon!

Recipe Tweaking Core by tterrag

Library mod for screwing around with recipes

Realistic Storage by Oethever

Realistic storage with regard to volume.


This is an addon for PixelmonMod

HyCraftHD's WTF Ic2 Addon by HyCraftHD

Some OP stuff for endgame


This is an example mod

FlatWorld by Ch1a

Flattens World More Easily. Configuration is available on config/com.ch1a.flatworld.cfg. If you have any issues or requests, Please let me know with Twitter@Ch1a_lee. Also source code is available on Github from URL.

Wrelf's Quick Chat by Wrelf

Remade Chat Triggers' EQC module

Awec's Ores by Awec, MCreator

ArdaCraft Blocks by dags_

The ArdaCraft custom blocks mod! :D

Osiris by FINZ0

Monster Spawner Recipe by Red Shogun, MCreator