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Bic Biome Craft by PoisenFox

This Mod adds a bunch of biomes and tools

Bring me the rings! by Zabi94

Extends the number of rings available in baubles!


Create By JacketCh

ModularItemFrame by Shyrik

one frame - multiple modules

Victory Energistics by uralmas

AE2 Extra Tools, Blocks, Items and Machines

FastFoodMod by Calopteryx

A continuation from the Subway Mod


Benvenuti nella mia prima mod PietraLavicaMod, visto che questa è la mia prima mod ci saranno diversi errori e spero di risolverli il prima possibile. Questa mod contiene: -Pietra Lavica -Pietrisco Lavico -Mattoni di Pietra Lavica -Spada in Pietra Lavica -Piccone in Pietra Lavica -Ascia in Pietra Lavica -Cuocendo la Pietra Lavica si otterrà il carbone La pietra lavica si trova ai livelli della lava e c'è una piccola possibilità di trovarla nel nether

Custom Tools Mod by BronzeBee

This mod allows you to craft pickaxes, swords, axes, hoes & shovels from ANY block

mod_CrazyCraft by SONIC_CRAFTX, Forever Alone

Thx To Download Crazy Craft :D Enjoy

Chisel Ztones by Reteo

Replaces Ztones' recipes to use Chisel instead. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Mining Ore Dimension by imaharupaz, MCreator

World and Chaos!!

Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space by MonkeyBoy23 and xXCaptainSoilXx.

Because they are awesome!

Cooldown Cancel by ji_GGO, jiGGO

SuperPower Craft by KrusherUS1338, MCreator

This Mod Add Cool Super Powers That You Can Beat Up Your Friends Or Roleplay.

Vanilla Extended by Dragonnox

More vanilla style content for Minecraft.

CH Tweaks by Hanse00

A tweak mod adding specific things for the CreeperHost community server.

Ore Dowsing by Popsnorkle

Dowsing rods to help find ores and other blocks.


Adds goggles that give you night vision!

Freakymon Leader Gui MOD by Miurion

Freakymon MOD.


This mod adds in more food for u to enjoy

Stack Mod by thenewpotato @

Resets every item/block's stack size to one!

Balkon's WeaponMod by BalkondeurAlpha

Throw a spear in a zombie's head! Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd! Shoot some slimes in pieces with an old musket! And more!


Enter short description here


This is an example mod

YAPP by Sark

A players-only pressure plate.