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Ungrab Mouse Mod by Jaideep Singh Heer

This is a simple mod to allow players to ungrab the mouse to do other things on their PCs while the game runs.

Java AdminGear Fifteeny by morga, MCreator

Combat Armor by CrafterOfMines57

Adds combat armors

OfflineSkins by zlainsama

made it possible to cache your skins/capes for offline use

Bedrock-B-Gone by Karjah

Make the bedrock layer flat


give lapis lazuli a use. Inspired by steven universe

Floocraft by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Floocraft! This mod aims to add a little magic by implementing the sooty joy of Floo-powder-based travel.

Enhanced LootBags by Namikon

LootBags. As they should be

Chikachi's Discord Mod by Chikachi

MC <=> Discord communication

Dark Matter Tools by Red0310, Mushroomthecat

Adds some dark matter related objects.

Dragon Fruit

This mod makes cactus to have a small chance of dropping Dragon Fruit when destroyed

Copper Tools by goldenapple

A mod that adds tools made out of copper and (soon) other crazy ingots!

Stone Torches by covers1624, vertex101

Add stone torches.

Village Info (SSP)

Village Info is a mod which shows some information about the village you're currently in. It also tells you if there's a village nearby. Doesn't work in multiplayer.

Pastel Bloom Mod by QuinnyBoi, MCreator

kill la killcraft by Elucent

a super big kill la kill fan mod.

Civil War by Ninjapancakes87, EZIOSREVELATION

Recruit soldiers and fight on whichever side you want to! Confederate or Union!

Cursed Stuff by ivang, MCreator

JurassicFixx's Mobs by JurassicFixx

JurassicFixx's Mobs adds in extinct and extant animals most mods don't include, or don't give a decent model to that players want for their zoos and parks.

Potion Mixer by TheLoneDevil<The_Lone_Devil>

A way to mix potions

itemm by Utente

20 20 20 by Sk1er LLC

Reminds the user to take short breaks to help elevate eye strain

more food mod by Owner, MCreator


Alpha stage of the Icy Ice mod!

HuskyLib-1.12.2 by HuskyTheArtist

This is my lib mod which I use for my mods

BedrockLayer by kegare

Flatten uneven bedrock layers.

SAO : Cols by DentaX

Ajout de Cols de la série Sword Art Online.

§d Project: Velocity Mod™ by Wysssy

Project Velocity adds a racing mechanic with over 15 different cars.

Skyreach by Cannoner

A mod focusing on improving the Minecraft factions experience.


This adds all sorts of rainbow-related stuff to your game!

Woody's Le Guide Rouge Mod by Woody, MCreator