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§d§lThis Mod have many stuff from the Spongebob series in it. §b§lCheck out my YouTube Channel: ImHaxoTV

Additional Resources by Portablejim

Load loose files as additional resources

Reliquary by TheMike, x3n0ph0b3

This mod has a lot of 'magical swag', as put by x3n0ph0b3. It contains many magical items, which work well when combined with other mods, and will make them more enjoyable (hopefully).

§9Soggy Guns by §6SoggyMustache

§5New Types Of Guns For Projectiles


Enter short description here


This is my first mod! I hope it will be usable (sorry, that only for Polish, it`s only now)


This is an example mod

A.E.R.S. by Kinyoshi

Now you can repair your equipment with jewels and experience points with your very own Alternative Equipment Repair Station.

The Roundel Mod by TRM Team, MCreator

A Doctor who addon mod

Crimson Revelations by MobiusFlip

Adds crafting recipes for some normally difficult or unobtainable items in Thaumcraft 6

EnderCrack by MCE626

This mod was inspired from the crazy Endermen of the snapshots of 1.8


Explore a new dimension based on Runescape. Fight new mobs, find new ores, and even summon familiars!

TFC Animals Plus by ァ6Bletchァr

ァbThis mod adds the entities in the Animals Plus mod into TerraFirmaCraft ァa0.79.18.ァr

Nuclear Physics by halvors, zenoy

Nuclear Physics is a mod that brings in realistic, world-based technological advancement experience into Minecraft.

Exploding Chickens

Don't kill a chicken. You have been warned.

CashReloaded by BRXK3N, MCreator

CashReloaded, Physical Cash in Minecraft!

Wizardry Fates by Dan by WinDanesz

Wizardry Fates is a small addon for Electroblob's wizardry which allows locking down spellcasting abilities to a certain element for each player, giving them a 'Discipline' (= element specialization). Mainly recommended for players who want to add some challenge to the game or roleplay servers.

Time HUD by The_Fireplace

Adds an HUD showing the time and date. Highly configurable.


Enter short description here

Guidebook by gigaherz

Books that guide

DixPeripherals by MarcusD

Example placeholder mod.

ChatTimestamp by 4a2e532e

Displays a timestamp in front of all chat messages

Tommyte's Skyblock Mod by tommyte

A new take on progressing through a skyblock map!


The Epix Mod

ContentTweaker by Jaredlll08

Allows you to create items, blocks and Tinkers construct materials via ZenScript.

Obsidian Sword Mod by CaptainFox123, MCreator

This mod adds an obsidian sword to your game.


SwordsAndThings adds swords and things

HeadRecipe by Ch1a

Expanded Armour by Admin, MCreator

Hot Green Fire by TehSomeLuigi

A simple mod that adds a new Flint & Steel capable of creating Hot Green Fire, fire like it was in the olden days.

Anni Kill Effect by SiroQ

Anni Kill Effect Mod (Private) by SiroQ

Despawning Eggs Hatch by Rick South

Allows chicken eggs on the ground to hatch into a chick baby just before they despawn.

OpenEye by boq, Mikee

OpenEye helps mod developers by tracking crashes and analytics to make the game more enjoyable for you!



a mod based on TheDeadBush

Halo Energy Swords Mod by Limphus

A simple mod that adds the energy sword from Halo.


A CratesReloaded Replacement for Sponge? lol

Interesting Addons by Truesephah

owo whats this.

Builder419's Cool Blocks Mod by Builder419

Adds In More Blocks