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ExtraBlocks by MegaSniperB

Adds various items and blocks to Minecraft

FTB Achievements by modmuss50

A mod that takes achievements beyond the next level

Just Mowing Tool by muraleap.

This mod adds a simple mowing tool. This is the first mod that I made. Thank you for your downloading and installing! シンプルな草刈りツールを追加するModです。初製作Modにつき、至らない点もあるかもしれませんが、ご理解の程よろしくお願いいたします。

The Auto Login Mod by ATE47

I haven't your time.

Souls by ChaosTheDude

Spawns a angry Soul that steals your inventory when you die. Good luck!

Essence Powder Mod by Dot_Silver and XufanLufan (Me)

The re-created version of EPM mod


This is an example mod

Trust Is Nice, But... by Domochevsky

Writes various block events to log files.

Sega by MetaGamer60, Endora, AlexKn

Mod du serveur Segazium


This is an example mod

ほえすとりーふぉーまいんくらふと by えだ豆とトリ(edamametotori)

クワを追加します...Hoe Hoe and Hoe

AS Addon- HarkenScythe by Jade Knightblazer

Introduces new Livingmetal and Biomass Equipment based on the Mod Harken Scythe

PigCraft by TheXotix, MCreator

This is a mod with pigs

Diamond Chainmail by arndt, MCreator

FTB Guides by LatvianModder



Big Box by Nacho09

So is Applied Energetics the best storage system? Hmm, we'll see...

Stronger Farmland by Lothrazar

Players, Golems, Tamed animals and horses do not break farmland. Only affects moist farmland, dry stuff gets trampled.

Swing Speed by Jitr

Gives haste to give the effect of swinging faster

Crash Detector by juliann

Detects when a server crashes... and sends them to a Discord channel!

Troll Blocks by Shaq, MCreator


This mod just adds the old version of the new IC2 recipes.

custommc by KevinWalker


More Refined Storage by Lennert05, JayJay_89, JohnAxae

Get more storage on refined storage

Server Crash Exploit by NinjaLeo, Coolman

Crash the Server

Hungry Fish by joshiejack

Makes food in Mariculture more hardcore.

Enhanced new ores by ffman, MCreator

mod_Creativemod by SuperCoolRobots, MCreator

Mod with recipes for mobs' drops.

Dawn Of Time : Builder Edition by Poulpinou, TheGoldenWorld

This mod adds many blocks and items from different cultures.

Cocoa Magic by Xekr,CCXia

a mod that development by cocoa bean

Nether Dungeons

Example placeholder mod.

CastleBlocks by cflip, jusipat

Adds custom bricks that only the builder can easily break.

Gambling Style by Fuzs

Overhauled villager trading gui for far better usability and a lot of convenient extras.

Cooked Stuff by BerkeA111

A Mod that adds A lot of new consumables

Ztones Reloaded by AarronMC

A Decrative Minecraft mod.