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GemBlocksForGreg by UltraPeeks

Adds storage blocks for the gems used in gregtech. To be used with GregTech 5.07.07.

GemCraft by Sanguine045

Ever think that emeralds are a vastly underimplemented part of the game? well here you go! this mod adds two more types or gemstone (sapphire and ruby) as well as full tool and armor sets for all three types of gem.


GemCraft 1.2.2


Diamond Guy


Esta iva a aser la v2 Pero ubo algunos Bug en la primera version asi que ahora es la 1.1


This mod adds lots of gems.


Gems that you can make magical wands with.

Gemmary by SirBlobman

The Science of Gems


Enter short description here

Gems+ by RobZ51, microjunk, ahojkaj, Mitrix50, rolfXD, Torzel, Zealot067

Adds lots of gems which you can make tools and armor out of.

Gems++ by Trhod177

Adds lots of gems which you can make tools and armor out of.


Adds new gems to the game


Enter short description here


More Gems!


Enter short description here

Gemstone by archiebaldry

Expanding on Minecraft's gemology basics.

Gemtastica/JAMM by TheErik557

Just another mineral mod, more than tools, some decorative blocks and items, and trades

Gemulation by ExampleDude

Extra uses for gems!