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GT Vein-Locator by GWYOG

Add some useful items to locate GregTech5's veins in-game.


Ever wanted a mod that allows you have GTA V Weapons in your minecraft world. This mod is for you. It adds almost every single GTAV Weapon into your minecraft game.

GTCEBees by TheEmosewaPixel, Bartz24

An addon for GregTech Community Edition and Forestry, adding the Bees from GT5U.

GTExtras by Blood Asp

Adds new Stuff to Gregtech


This is an example mod


GregTech Materials is here!!!! You can get easy :)


GalaxyTalesCrafting Utilities

GUI Scale Hack by Portablejim

For those who like high resolution displays (like 4k) and for who large is too small and auto is too large Do not change normal GUI scale when using this mod

GUI Templater by gamerforEA

Modification to customize the interface.