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User config-based controls for geographical features, including land sizes, ocean amounts, climate sizes and incidences, biome sizes and incidences, and mountain chains

Geologia by Nucleria

A Botania addon about rocks and dirt!

Geologica by noogenesis

Adds realistic geology in the form of new types of rocks and ores. The distributions are completely customizable, either via the GUI during world creation, or by directly modifying the CustomOreGen config.


A Small Mod Adding Realistic Rocks To Spice Up Your Minecraft World N Stuff

Geolosys by oitsjustjose

Ores in Geological Systems added to Minecraft, logically!

Geomastery by Jay Avery

A mod for Minecraft survival mode which makes the early game harder and slower, while improving on the simulation of real-world ancient technology development.


Geometry Dash blocks, items, and more!

GeometryDashMod by JRmysteries, MCreator

A mod that includes many features from Geometry Dash!

George's Armor And Tools Mod by SoggyMustache

8 new types of armor, and 3 new tool sets


The hard metro dor (germa)

Get A Job by Palaster

Get A Job. Get a job in magical or non-magical career.

Get Off My Tardis by Black_Ace2004

Example placeholder mod.


This is an example mod

Ghast Skin by Zr2

A mod that adds ghgast skin and early-game armor.