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A mod based on Ghost Rider



Giacomo's Bookshelves Mod by Zacomat

More slots for books and maps!

Giacomo's Farmland Mod by Giacomo

Use wet sponges to moisten the farmlands.

Giacomo's Foundry by Zacomat

Burn that stuff!!!

Giacomo's Map Merging Mod by Giacomo

Merge two or more maps!

Giacomo's Teleport Mod by Giacomo

Enchant maps and compasses to reach your destination!

Giacomo's compass by Zacomat

Bind your compass to wherever you want!

Giacomo's maps by Giacomo

The mushroom seeker left his map somewhere. Find it!

Giacomo’s Travelogue by Zacomat

Keep track of explored biomes in your travelogue.

Giant Tools Mod by The_Chipmunk

Adds more tools, sticks, ladders, and torches. Adds NEW machines and batteries!


The Final Update


Based on the 1.5 mod, Asgard Shield. Adds giant swords to the game.

Giantorcsmod by donn plague, MCreator

a mod about the mythical giant orcs from the north and the materials they used


My mod for microtrees and other useful stuff

GiftWrap by DemoXin

Send your Minecraft best wishes with a lovely Wrapped Gift! * 1.0.1 * Repackaged ZIP archive. Should be running on Macs now.

Giftaddon by Mephen

Gift addon for Pixelmon!

Gilded Games Utility by Gilded Games

A module which supports several major systems that are used between different Gilded Games projects.