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Gingerbread Mod by TheMobiusArchives

Gingerbread and festive decorations

GitWeb by GradedWarrior (Web Browser Programming), itay2805 (Creating BlueJ source)

Visit WebSites in minecraft!



GivingItem by kegare

Player can give the held item to someone.


Crush your enemies with Glacia!

Glacidus by 115kino, KingPhygieBoo, xJonL

A frozen alien world on top, but underground... lies a different story.

Glacier Ice by fisherman77

The speed of awesome. Glacier Ice adds Blue and Green Glacier Ice that give different effects to players.

Gladius by momnop/Zundrel

Gladius improves upon the Minecraft combat system.

GlareTorch by Guriguri

This torch illuminates a wider area than a normal torch.


Obsidian + Glass!

Glass Bottles to Glass by �8Shadow_Mods

Turn your Glass Bottles back into Glass Blocks

Glass Jaw by Falkreon

Makes sure armor-piercing effects pierce armor

Glass Pane

Glass Pane is a common open source API allowing mods to create appealing UIs with very little code. If this mod appeared without you installing it, then you must have installed a mod that uses it.

Glass Shards by ljfa

Adds glass shards dropped when breaking glass

Glass to Dirt Light Opacity by Mareckoo01

Glass to Dirt Light Opacity mod.