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mod vrey good

GWMCrates by GWM

Universal crates plugin for your server!

GWMLibrary by GWM

Necessary library to run plugins developed by GWM!

Gadgetron by black_dog20

Gadgetron: Item Grabber by black_dog20

Gadgetry: Core by Elucent

Core module for Gadgetry.

Gadgetry: Machines by Elucent

Machines module for Gadgetry.

Gadgetry: Transmission by Elucent

Transmission module for Gadgetry.

Gadgets n' Goodies Mod by TheMattyBoy00

A mod with some random stuff that are just plain awesome.

Gadomancy by makeo

An addon for Thaumcraft.


This is an example mod

Gakai's Headlamps by Gakai, olee

It dawns on me

Gakais Flight Table by Gakai, olee

A table, that consumes fuel to grant creative-like flying capabilities. Range can be upgraded.