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Guardian Combat System by Anonymous

The Guardian System. This mod adds many offensive and defensive abilities to expand on combat experience, and allow more moddability to weapons.

GudLib by gudenau

A library mod by gudenau

GuiAPI by ShaRose, lahwran

API designed to make it easy to generate GUIs, aimed particularly at settings menus.

GuiFix by Ayou



mod pour vegasfactions

Guide Book by Creysys

Adds a book that helps.

Guide-API by Tombenpotter, TehNut

Simple mod guide creation.

GuidePosts by TobiasCraft

GuidePosts by TobiasCraft.

Guidebook by gigaherz

Books that guide


verry herly alpha

GuildCraft Mod Assist by short1der

Mod created by short1der for GC staff members.