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Galactic Greg by Blood Asp

Adds Gregtech Oregen to Galacticraft Dimensions

Galactic Ores by KillerMapper

Adds many ores and items for Galacticraft and Galaxy Space. Warning! Does not generate without any external generator like COFH world gen tools.

Galacticraft Core by micdoodle8

An advanced space travel mod for Minecraft 1.6

Galacticraft Core Fake by Voidi

Fakes the presence of Galacticraft, thanks to some modder

Galacticraft Mars by micdoodle8

Mars addon for Galacticraft.

Galacticraft Phobians by jasonB221

This Galacticraft addon brings a story line to Galacticraft

Galacticraft fuel fix by Dimach

This addon disable using common fuel for rockets (only EnderIO rocket fuel allowed)

GalaxiaPvP+ by Nice2MeetU

Galaxia PvP Plus

Galaxite by Insane96MCP

New ore spawning in the end on the outer islands. Tools and Armor made with this ore, the Galaxite, have special protection againist "End" sources and a special ability when you fell into the void

Galaxy Additions by AlexSocol, gug2

Extending Horizons! Gas Giants, Modular Armor and more!

Game Timer by Hanse00

An ingame indicator of how long you have been playing. For people like myself who forget the passage of time when having too much fun.