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Grimoire of Alice by Arekkuusu

Looks like Yukari left a gap open... Im going in!!

Grimoire of Gaia 2 by Silentine

Adds mobs, monsters and monster girls.

Grimoire of Gaia 3 by Silentine

Adds mobs, monsters and monster girls.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Grind-Core by Arch-Nihil

Core for the Grind-Complex modpack.

Grinder by iChun

Add an attachable Grinder which works on certain mobs.

Griswold's Workshop

A Minecraft Mod about being a Blacksmith

GrizzlyBear by MrTrollNugNug

A simple mod that adds a bear variant to minecraft known as the Grizzly Bear!

Group Mod by Vytex0

Groups mod

Growable AE2 Cells by Shadows_of_Fire

Crops for ME Cells

Growable Apricorns

Using automation on apricorns.


GrowableBLocks and poppy's 400 ticks


This mod allows you to grow dirt. press - on the keyboard to get the dirt after achieving ameo

Growing Flowers

Farm all Minecraft flowers like crops also as a lot of optionally flowers and plants more! See Config for more Details! The Idea for this Mod is by gigagames