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Leather Cows by UnRealDinnerbone

Cows Pop Leather

Leather Water Sac by Emris_Morath

It's a water sac made out of lather for TerraFirmaCraft

Leather Works by ECleverpanda714

Redefining Leather Crafting


Craft Leather From Rotten Flesh

LeatherProcessing by WantaSanchez

Gather tons of rotten flesh, and there is no village to sell nearby? Do not rush to throw it into the lava or cacti. Redo it into the skin, and get either a set of leather armor for the first time, or a lot of books to boost the table of enchantments.


penis :D


Mod for Zombiecalypse modpack


A use for Rotten Flesh!

Leaves to saplings by JustMoe

Adds recipes to craft saplings from leaves.

Leetsword Mod by Xnet/Dentsor, RUBIDDXX, Popill, Oxey/Mineaworld, mira03, mr_burn

Flann Gaming's Leetsword Mod.

Left Click Counter Mod by Litl_Toast

Counts how many times you left click. Chanelog: 2.2.0 +Added /LcmColor for customizable color (RGB) +Added /LcmChroma doing this will make the text become rainbow +Made all command names capital

Left To Die by TheAwesomeGem

Left to Die mod.


The First Left 4 Dead mod for mincraft

Legacy Farms by covers1624, All the forestry guys.

Brings back the old farms from forestry.

Legacy Minecraft Kotlin by Nickolay Ilyushin

Provides Kotlin standard library for Minecraft 1.7.10

LegacyRolePlay by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.