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Arctic module for LotsOMobs


Desert module for LotsOMobs


Forrest and Plains module for LotsOMobs


Jungle and Swamps module for LotsOMobs


Underwater Life module for LotsOMobs

Lottery by RandomByte

LouklsGunsMod by loukl

a loukl mod

Love Mod by

Work in Progess.


sanchan's mod

LoveMod by Turtle

This is a love mod made for my girlfriend!

LovelyRobot by Lilac

make a Lovely Robot.

LovenKyuMod by LovenKyu, MCreator

Le meilleur mod de la planète Terre

Low Tech Crafting by masa, Xcom6000

A slightly better Crafting Table, that _can be_ automated

Loyalty Medals by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85

Rewards for playtime

Loyalty Rewards by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85, DownWithTaxation

Rewards for playtime

LuaCraft by LuaStoned, BlackAwps, iRzilla, Skooch

LuaCraft allows you to script Minecraft with Lua.