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All the things you never thought you will ever need


no weapons

LootTweaker by Leviathan143

An addon for CraftTweaker that allows modification of loot tables

Lootchest Analysis by nbcss


Lord Craft by Cobbs

A mod about discovering magic

Lore Expansion by TehNut, CyanideX, dmillerw

Add a narrative to your world.

Lorum Lucis

Azhdev's modjam 4 entry

Lost Arcana by Fingersome

A little bit of history

Lost Books by FatherToast


Lost Souls by McJty

Lost Soul addon mod for The Lost Cities

Lost Thaumaturgy by APengu

This mod adds a lot of content from Thaumcraft 2 and adds plenty of neat and useful magical tools that you may need to use while playing.

Lost Your Hope by Hayazo, MCreator

Additional mobs and items


This a beta test of the real mod.


Un mod Francais Par Darkaniax


Make life harder in Minecraft!