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Lucraft: Core by Lucraft

Core mod for all Lucraft mods.

Lucraft: World by TheCrafterL

The ore core mod for Lucraft Mods.


Adds grappling hook stuffs.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Luke's Star Wars Mod by Rotmax, MCreator

A Star Wars mod

Luke's Star Wars Mod by Maxim, MCreator


Creepy Herobrine Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2! Created by LukeR gamer

Luma by KelMai

Luma adds colored Luma Lamps and Multilamps which change color according to redstone power strength

Lumen by River Leviathan

A mod that adds various light orbs to the world, like fireflies or Will o' the Wisps.

Lumina by Nuparu00, MCreator

Lumina is a mod that adds throwable glowstick to Minecraft. This mod is meant to be used as an example of using an external API (in this case - Mirage API by Elytra group) in MCreator.

Luminous Flowers by pekorin

§bキレイ§cに §eお花§cが 咲きました!!

Lumpi by Eman_not_ava, Purplicious_Cow

LeKoopa's Lumpi!

LunaTest by Lunatrius

Debugging mod. Does nothing useful.