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LOTR Drp by Otis_Goodman

A Discord Ritch Presence For Lord Of The Rings Mod

LOVECraft by su226

Add LOVE(Level of ViolencE) and EXP(EXecution Point) from Undertale to Minecraft.

LOZ Items by tkxyooj, MCreator

Items from the Legend of Zelda series

LOZA Of Minecraftia by HackerTDog - Creator

Adds Zelda Stuff To Minecraft

LSCraft by OxeeMoron

LSCraft grants Minecraft players the ability to make their own lightsabers within the game.

LSS Extra by Niels Meijer

Wat overige dingen voor LSS.

LTHC mod Y by LHTC, MCreator

A Super Mod

LWC by Hidendra

LWC is a single block protection plugin that is primarily used to protection chests.

LWYG (Look Where You are Going!) by CrafterKina

Enable you to move while opening GUI.