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LearningMobs Mod by parmandorc

SARSA Q-learning algorithm application to Minecraft mobs.

Leather Water Sac by Emris_Morath

It's a water sac made out of lather for TerraFirmaCraft

Leather Works by ECleverpanda714

Redefining Leather Crafting


Craft Leather From Rotten Flesh


penis :D


Mod for Zombiecalypse modpack


A use for Rotten Flesh!

Leaves to saplings by JustMoe

Adds recipes to craft saplings from leaves.

Leetsword Mod by Xnet/Dentsor, RUBIDDXX, Popill, Oxey/Mineaworld, mira03, mr_burn

Flann Gaming's Leetsword Mod.

Left To Die by TheAwesomeGem

Left to Die mod.


The First Left 4 Dead mod for mincraft

Legacy Farms by covers1624, All the forestry guys.

Brings back the old farms from forestry.

Legend of Zelda (WW) by spacechase0

Legend of Zelda items -- more specifically, from Wind Waker.