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Little Looter by Funwayguy

Lootable containers for structures

Little More Mod by MiniTMO

This mod adds two new ores and two new blocks (ruby and sapphire). It also adds new tools and new armors (lapis, ruby, sapphire, quartz, obsidian and emerald). You're also able to make battle axes.

Little Processing by AndyBTTF

Small mod made for CadeVsGaming's Little Modded modpack. Adds machines and augments!

Little Stuff by karakufire

Add usual stuff.

LittleHelpers by Navybofus

A small amount of automation to lessen the burden of repetitive tasks.

LittleMaidReengaged by MMM, EMB4, Verclene

Improved minecraft life with cute & little maids


In this mod you are able to make emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis, obsidian and quartz tools, weapons, armour and battle axes.

LiveWithoutMobs by OrangeUtan

Enjoy a live without Mobs.

Lively Animals by Rui_rui

This mod seeks to further immerse the player into the game by modifying animal models and behaviors to be more life-like. No more cross-eyed statues!

Livestock + Realism by insert

Bring realistic livestock to your Minecraft world.