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Living Swords by Telorath, Domestic1

Adds swords that level up as you use them and evolve into more powerful weapons.

Living Torches by FraserK

A fun mod with living torches. Inspired by Soaryn and Bacon_Donut


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Lix Mod by LeponigHD

Eine mod wo South Park the stick of truth waffen vorkommen:


No support for 1.7

LoK: Soul Reaver by KnightDemon

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver mod designed to bring a great franchise into Minecraft.

LoVoxNox by NoxIceCat

LoaderList by Tombenpotter, TehNut

Logs chunk forcing and unforcing activity.

Loading Profiler by lumien

Shows how long mods take for FML Loading Events

Loading Screens by Blargerist

A mod for creating custom loading screens

Loadout by mallrat208

Starting Loadout Mod

Lobby by BrainStone, Phips

Lobby-Plugin. Prevents damage, hunger, item drops, etc.

LobbyGlow by Biscut

Allows the glowing effect to show in 1.8.9 in Hypixel Lobbies

Lobotomy by The_Icy_One

Just a little tap.


An awesome mod about lobsters

Local Skins by WGOS

With this mod, you can set skins for players on offline servers

LocalMinecraftTestMod by , MCreator

Localized Chat by kreezxil

A local chat mod that includes shouting.