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LovelyRobot by Lilac

make a Lovely Robot.

LovenKyuMod by LovenKyu, MCreator

Le meilleur mod de la planète Terre

Low Tech Crafting by masa, Xcom6000

A slightly better Crafting Table, that _can be_ automated

Loyalty Medals by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85

Rewards for playtime

Loyalty Rewards by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85, DownWithTaxation

Rewards for playtime

LuaCraft by LuaStoned, BlackAwps, iRzilla, Skooch

LuaCraft allows you to script Minecraft with Lua.


Spawns structures. Early alpha.

Luck of the Straw by AtomicBlom

Registers every item in the creative menu as seeds

LuckPerms by Luck

A permissions plugin

Lucky Beans by Jacky1356400

Bean Boozled in Minecraft!

Lucky Block by Player in Distress

The Lucky Block. What will you get?

Lucky Blocks Mod by jond311

It makes mining fun!

Lucky Button by sinkillerj

Gives a Lucky Block on click.

Lucky Cases by Intektor

Open cases an get items


This is a Lucky Block fan mod