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Lemon's Tweaks by Lemonszz

A mod that tweaks and balances some aspects of Minecraft.

LemonLib by Lemons


This is an example mod

Leo Craft by daddygame-Dev-Team

Leo Craft

Lepton by Sargun Vohra

Minor additions to complement Quark

Les accessoires de SCAREX by SCAREX

Les accessoires fournis par SCAREX

Less Forgiving Void by The_Fireplace

Makes the void hate you a little more than Forgiving Void (and vice-versa).

Let's Go For A New Adventure by Rulibutien

Mod used to start the adventure when you'll be ready !!

Lets Mod Reboot by pahimar

Pahimars Let's Mod Reboot series. Follow along on YouTube!

Levack Core by dlevack

Levack Core mod.