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Woah by hpf

the most amazing mod EVER.

Wolf Armor and Storage by CenturionFox

Adds armors and storage for wolves!


Coremod of all Team wolf mods

WolfFix by Wolfvuki

Fixes a series of issues within the BTeam modpack


Adds guns,armor,tools and more to the game

Wolfer Custom Ore Generation by Wolfer_Alpha, Wolfer_Alpha

Um simples mod que melhora a gera��o de min�rios vanilla, bem como adiciona min�rios no Nether e The End.

Wolfer Utilities by Wolfer_Alpha

Esse Mod Adiciona Utilidades Diversas.

Wolffang's More Ores

More Ores, Tools and Armor!


This is an example mod

Wood Armors by IntFox

Adds armors for wood

Wood Converter by bl4ckscor3

Lets you convert all your logs, planks, slabs and stairs to other types, as well as back crafting stairs, slabs and planks!

Wood Craft by Xetosphere

The Wood Craft mod.

WoodStuff by ganymedes01

Adds a lot of wood stuff!


wood log dimension, biomes

Wooden Beams by Funlerz

Turn any wood log into a nicer looking wooden beam.