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WeHateMrCrayfish by Dr_Schnauzer

Removes a few of the many OP Item recipes (currently: Soap, Printer, Computer, cooling Pack)

WeLoveBat by minaduki

We Love Bat!!!!!

Weak Drop Tweaks by Ironically

A slight rebalance to as many drops as possible :)

Weak Drop Tweaks by Ironically

Tweaks the Weaker Drops.

Wealth of Underground by Tristrian

Add new ores and alloys with new tools !

WealthyturtleLib by Wealthyturtle

A Mod that is Required by Many of Wealthyturtle's Mods


This is an example mod

Weapon Levels by kenijey

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

WeaponCaseLoot by Iskall85, Winter_Grave

Weapon Cases!

WeaponMod+ by general3214

A Balkon's WeaponMod add-on


This mod adds a mob for weapon testing


Upgrades for weapons and tools.


Dieser Mod fügt ein Waffen Upgrade System ins Spiel ein ,welches ihnen erlaubt die Schwerter bis hin zu Level 5 abzugraden


More weapons for Terrafirmacraft.

Weapons of Fame by JRGlitches, MCreator

Enter short description here! NOW!

Weapons+ Mod

A Minecraft Forge Mod That Adds An Extensive Amount Of New Weapons To The Game.


Weapons 'n Drills


Weapons Mod 2 a New Awesome Weapons mod!