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It adds stuff

Weather Carpets

Control extreme weather from your fingertips... or your feet! (ModJam 3 Submission)

Weather God by RadekWeather, MCreator

Mod adds the weather god.

Weather and Tornadoes

Wind! Leaves! WAVES! More intense storms! Tornadoes!


A mod that just adds a block to stop rain

WeatherConfig by Dries007

Config the weather. It's that simple really.


Changé le temp sans triché!


Changed language to English.


This mod in the current version adds one item that allows the user to change the weather and time to their liking.

Web Displays by BuildLight (Montoyo)

A Web Browser block in Minecraft; and more...

Web Slinger by Stormwind99, Joseph C. Sible

Spiders shoot webbing at you - slinging webs from a distance, or when they hit you in melee!

Web-API by Valandur

Access Minecraft through a Web API

Web-API API by Valandur

API interface for the WebAPI

WebDisplays by montoyo

Web Screens! Yayyy!!

WebShooter by Joseph C. Sible

Makes spider attacks cause their target to get covered in a cobweb