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Walaryne's Fly Mod by Walaryne

Enables a person to type /fly to fly!

Waliax Exchange by waliax

My first mod!

Waliax Exchange 2 by Waliax

My secound mod!

Walkabouts by Aelpecyem

This mod adds some nifty gadgets! Note: This mod isn't balanced yet

WalkingDead Mod by crackedEgg

Walking Dead mod adds zombies in the day time! Walkers they are called.


A stick that makes you walk faster!

Wall Teleporters

Blocks that can be masked as any other block and when walked into, teleports you to a different location

WallCraft by bgwoo

This Mod adds over 50 new walls to craft and build with!

WallJump by NukeDuck

Allows you to bounce off of walls to scale caverns and mountains; you can wall jump just like Mario! §l§4T§ch§6a§en§ak §2y§3o§1u §rfor downloading!

Walled City Generator by Formivore, GotoLink

WalletDrop by TrenTech

Money Money Money!!!

WallpaperCraft by Aarron

A decorative Minecraft mod .

Wallpapers Craft by AarronMC, TheRealForceX

This mod add lots of different decoration blocks in many colors. Have fun!