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Wool2String by christmasdog

Implements a crafting recipe that can convert wool into string.

WoolIntoStrings-1.12.2-1.0.1 by Loncore, MCreator

Simply craft strings


wool to string

Woot by Ipsis

The alternative mob spawner/grinder system

Wopper by Ellpeck

A mod that adds a wooden hopper

Working Sponges by Konitor

Have sponges which can soak up water or lava (or both). Have powered sponges. The mining sponge needs to be allowed in the config - it is disallowed by default.

World Changers by TuxCraft, tommy1019

Do you like adventuring in Minecraft? You will now. World Changers adds awesome huge structures to your game like volcanos or craters.

World Control by Xbony2, DMF444

The spiritual successor to Nuclear Control 2.

World Drop by Domochevsky

Lets you drop from one dimension to another.

World Handler GUI

The World Handler GUI provides a smart GUI for people without having to know any complex commands and gives them a look inside the art of Minecraft map / world making. Now anyone can easily create maps or just save a few ammount of time and provides an easy to use interface.

World Limiter Mod by UpcraftLP

Small mod simulating a round world.

World Manager by jplee

Managing your worlds so you don't have to.