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Wireless Charger by CreeperShift

Adds things.

Wireless Crafting Grid by TheRealp455w0rd

Refined Storage addons that adds a wireless version of the crafting grid

Wireless Electricity

An addon for IC2 that lets you wirelessly transmit EU/RF.

Wireless Redstone by ali4z, Eurymachus

Wireless Redstone allows you to transmit and receive redstone signals without wires.

WirelessCharger by zlainsama

This mod adds a block that can charge nearby players' ForgeEnergy compatible items


Mod for multitool phones in survival and eve a redstone dimension.


This just adds a wireless energy transfer method to the game. (For IC2 Energy ofc.)

WirelessRedsone-CBE by ChickenBones

Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition Supporters: Vizerei

Wish Mod by Wishbonea

My Mod to add Base Brick


A next-generation wireless redstone mod.

Witch Works by Sunconure11/Spinosaurus111, ArekkuusuJerii, Ingoleth, KingEdward9830, Thermawrench, Felinoel, BigHatMagnus, Hman745, BerciTheBeast, Triliton, mljola9

A Witchery inspired mod

WitchSpawn by MorpheusZero

Witches spawn naturally at night in swamp biomes