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Warded Man by Gomer3261

Tattoo yourself with powerful symbols and fight your way through the night!

Wardrobe Mod (Client edition) by Lyinginbedmon

For juggling skins and usernames in machinima.

Wards by jt9

Adds a way to use those extra enchanted books you have lying around.

WarlordsUtils by mmxw11

WarlordsUtils mod for Hypixel Warlords minigame, made for flareTheNerd.


A mod I just threw together.


And bunch of modded stuff!


An assortment of random stuff

Warp Book by panicnot42

A simple book for warping between waypoints


Gives you teleportation power

WarpDrive by Anon1644

Create your own space ship from any blocks and sail it through space - and lots more!


This is a custom mod made by Warpcraft, and help from the Warp-Realmers

WarpShrines by Dries007, Doubledoordev

A vanilla compatible warp mod


Theis mod created by RGS

Warrior's Path by MaxterDesigner, SevenDors

Minecraft More Blocks, Itens and Mobs

Warrior_Mod by wg93589, MCreator

Made With MCreator


Linkseyi's ModMaker

WarsFtbDynmap by Warmad0311

War's FTB Dynmap Integration Server Side mod


Core for all Wasliebob's mods.