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WorldProtector by Mosca421

Protect regions


WorldStateCheckpoints is a client mod that allows you to create world saves for your SP worlds.

clientside opensource backup


Only for minetweaker

Worlds Retold by Xenoform55, T3DK, Anomalocaris101, Scourge

A mod for Winterjam 2018.

Worley's Caves by SuperFluke, booleanbyte

Cave generation with Worley noise

Wormholes by armaDio, GabrieleMaurina

Have you ever wondered what happened if you went through a wormhole in minecraft?

Worse Barrels by quaternary

8-stack barrels. Terrible for mass storage. By design!

Worthwhile XP Bottles by Dark_Lizzy

Makes XP Bottles more worthwhile.


Sends commands from inside the Sponge server back to the Minecraft Remote Toolkit Wrapper


YT - Wolf_fang77

Wrelf's Memo Tag Mod by Wrelf

Memo player's information and render as a tag.