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Wumple Util Library by Stormwind99

Shared library of useful classes and functions for mod development. Does nothing on its own. Reduces boilerplate and duplicate code. Used by Stormwind's mods.

Wundr Mod Utils by wundrweapon

Collection of code used in all of wundrweapon's mods

WurmTweaks by Wurmatron

Tweaks all the recipes in the game along with adding quite a few diffrent items.

WurmTweaks2 by Wurmatron

A Mod Used to help modpack creators create recipes along with some unique features like Web Based Recipes and Custom Crafting Items

Wynn Expansion by EHTYCSCYTHE, SHsuperCM

A bunch of quality of life improvements for playing on Wynncraft

WynnPlus by L4w3s

Adds extra features for WynnCraft, such as a leveling buddy which will let you select a mob you wish to grind and it will inform you how many more you need to kill to level up, advised but not required to be used alongside an existing WynnCraft modpack (WynnCraft Enhanced OR SHCM Wynn Mod).

Wynncraft Bomb Cluster by BeatsDJ

Connecting the Wynncraft world together, one bomb at a time.

Wynncraft Experience Display by nbcss

For display player experience

Wynncraft Universal Display by nbcss

For display player experience

Wynncraft Worldmap Mod by Kirdow, ThaUnknown_

Official minimap mod for WynncraftEnhanced

WynncraftEnhanced by Kirdow, ThaUnknown_

An Unofficial wynncraft client mod to enhance the experience.