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WorldStateCheckpoints is a client mod that allows you to create world saves for your SP worlds.

clientside opensource backup


Only for minetweaker

Worley's Caves by SuperFluke, booleanbyte

Cave generation with Worley noise

Wormholes by armaDio, GabrieleMaurina

Have you ever wondered what happened if you went through a wormhole in minecraft?

Worse Barrels by quaternary

8-stack barrels. Terrible for mass storage. By design!

Worthwhile XP Bottles by Dark_Lizzy

Makes XP Bottles more worthwhile.


YT - Wolf_fang77

Wtfmod by YeaTouh, MCreator, YeaYouh

A mod with some weapons, mobs, and a dimension [ MOD IS IN BETA ]

Wuest Utilities by WuestMan

This mod adds many recipes to make vanilla easier to work with.