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World Utils by masa

Commands and items to edit chunks/blocks/entities/tile-entities/chunks etc

World of Boxes by Darkguardsman

Whats in the box?

World of Dinos by CannibalVox

Allows Fossils & Arch dinosaurs to spawn in a specified dimension.

World of Dogs by Mateiaru

Added a brand new Cute Dimension, armor, tools, mobs (Dogs and Puppies) and a lot more!

World of Pillar by PoulpoGaz

World of Pillar

WorldAndGenerationTweaks by Thebombzen

WorldAndGenerationTweaks provides various assorted tweaks to terrain generation.

worldgen tweak

WorldBorder by Brettflan, RoyCurtis

Efficient, feature-rich mod for limiting the size of your worlds

WorldEdit by sk89q, wizjany, TomyLobo

WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer.

WorldEdit CUI Forge by lahwran, yetanotherx, nejinx

WorldEdit CUI Forge is the ModLoader ported version of the client-side only mod that adds an in-game visual overlay for WorldEdit selections. There is no support for SinglePlayerCommands.

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition by yetanotherx, Mumfrey, Hexosse

WorldEdit CUI is a client-side user interface for WorldEdit.

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 2 by Hexosse

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 2 is a forge client-side user interface for WorldEdit

WorldGen Block Replacer by The_Fireplace

Allows you to replace a block in your world generation with another block.

WorldGenIndicators by Buuz135

A mod that indicates worldgen

WorldJoinText by Pixtar

Adds one or multiple custom join message(s) for each world/dimension and/or the server.