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A Simple Yet Fun Mod That Adds A Some Very Useful Crafting Recipes To Your Minecraft Game.


This is a mod all about a brand new creepy gem!


Necrocraft by thePalindrome

Pushing the bounds of video game ethics!

Necromancy by sirolf2009, Mr_boness, Fabiulu, TheBlackPixel

This mod is all about necromancy. Also known as the art of reanimation. using this mod, you can reanimate slain foes and use your minions to rule the world! (of minecraftia).

Necromantia by Lina Greyfall (Linaru), Katrina Swales (Nekosune)

Necromantia is a mod I made specifically for the TransCraft community, But am expanding on

Need Moar Materials by var-username, Red$hadow, GameDoS

A not so lightweight mod that adds more materials, including titanium, platinum, silver, and copper

NeedToBreathe by McJty

There is no air! What are you going to do about it?

Needful Things by Dyonovan

Needed things for Minecraft


Adds some cool new blocks into the game!

Negativity by Elikill58, RedNesto

It's an Advanced AntiCheat Detection

NegoreRouse by Fish


NeighborCraft by cubic_control

Mod Based On The Game Hello Neighbor.

Neko Bag by ペコリン


NemesisSystem by ToroCraft

Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system adapted to Minecraft.