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Never Enough Candy by Darkhax

Adds some new sweets to the game!

Never Food by lilValentineGirl

This mod adds various food items.

Never Say Nether by 00debbie1971

A mod that makes extra-dimensional travel optional.

Nevoka Core by JayJay_1989, JohnAxae

A core mod for easy creation of plugins such as More Refined Storage

New Age Bee Breeding by The_Fireplace

Addon for Forestry that allows you to breed the bees in your hands.

New Biospheres Mod by BrainSlugs83, Original Mod: Risugami

Adds a 'Biospheres' WorldType to Minecraft. Based on Risugami's original mod for Minecraft 1.6.

New Dungeons by Slidedrum, GotoLink

New Dungeons by dracir

A mod that adds new dungeons, of course.

New Gems

Adds two gems.

New Gui by SPE_HaiKuo

New Gui

New Honor by yinyangshi

NewHonor plugin