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New Ores - Core by MrBlockTNT

New Ores is a simple mod who add more ores, achievements and stuff.

New Radical Botany by CanVox

Don't forget, you only get what you give.

New Stefinus Guns by Stefinus321

A 3D guns mod by Stefinus.

New Weapons Mod by

This MOD is MOD to add a weapon.It also adds material to make a sword.More details can be found in the informal Japan user forum, to my topic.

New World Order by djsrv

Configure the Create World screen

New Zombie Mod

Made by Manchaskin


Le nouveau mod de la bada fac v5


This mod adds in 5 new realistic Biomes


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is an example mod


this changes the flint and steel recipe to 2 ingots and 1 flint

NewGameRules Mod by wwrpg

Adds new configurable gamerules: pickupMonsterArrows (grab those skeleton arrows), dropFullExpOnDeath (replaces current exp drop of player from 40% to 100%), respawnHungry (if you're hungry when you die, your hungry when you respawn), and betterMobDrops (bats drop bones, Ghasts can drop up to 2 tears, Giant zombies can drop diamonds or emeralds, Whither Skeletons drop skulls more often if hit with looting. Level 1 = 1/90, 2 = 1/60, 3 = 1/30).


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a plus is recipe a dirt and tnt and stone.


This is an example mod