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NoSlow by Lemons

Allows you to turn off the slowdown when using an item!

NoSwim by xxxzzzmark

A mod that removes the ability to swim.

NoXray by thomas15v


Noah's Chocolate! by deerangle

This is Noah's Chocolate mod. It adds a total of 54 Chocolate Bars with unique effects.

Noah's Junk by noahc3

This mod is basically a sandbox where noahc3 tests random ideas which could potentially be expanded upon in their own independant mods!


Nocxi Power Mod

Noel Mod by YourmMediocrePal

A Christmas mod. [WIP]


This mod is in alpha

NoggsCraft by NoggsCraft

NoggsCraft with different blocks and items

Noire Magic by Spirit


Nokia3310 Modu (Batuhan Celik)

Minecraft Nokia3310 Modu

Nomadic Tents by sky01

Pocket dimensions -- set up your tent and keep everything in it!

Nomagi by TehNut, InsomniaKitten