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NoCloseMyGui by ConorTheDev

This mod prevents servers from closing all GUIs apart from Chests.

NoCtrl by Wyn Price

Adds keybind sets to allow for easy management of keybinds.

NoCubes MMD Winterjam by Cadiboo

NoCubes for the MMD Winterjam event

NoDestroy by Mgazul

No Destroy.


A mod to help people with motion sickness feel less of it playing Minecraft.

NoF3 by CreeperShift

Removes the F3 debug screen.

NoFOV 1.7.10 by Ytt

Prevents FOV multiplier change when using speed/slowness

NoFog by Virtuoel

Simple mod to disable all types of fog.


See invisible players

NoItemDespawn by PT400C

This mod gives the user the ability of modifying item-despawn on server- or clientside.

NoLAN Commands by genandnic

Prevents the player from enabling commands through the LAN menu

NoLag by jackyliao123, lolzballs