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NoMoreRecipeConflict by stimmedcow, GotoLink

Switch between conflicting recipes

NoMoveInventory by Nucha

Inventory doesn't move even if you have a potion effect.


This is an example mod


I was bored xD

NoSlow by Lemons

Allows you to turn off the slowdown when using an item!

NoSwim by xxxzzzmark

A mod that removes the ability to swim.

NoXray by thomas15v


Noah's Junk by noahc3

This mod is basically a sandbox where noahc3 tests random ideas which could potentially be expanded upon in their own independant mods!


Nocxi Power Mod

Noel Mod by YourmMediocrePal

A Christmas mod. [WIP]


This mod is in alpha

NoggsCraft by NoggsCraft

NoggsCraft with different blocks and items