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NetherStuffs by BStramke

Extending the Nether and adding Hellish stuff

Netherborn by minaduki

Netherborn Mod

Nethercraft by 115kino

An updated version of the original version of Nethercraft made by scokeev9

Netherending Ores by ICannt Team

Netherending Ores


Prevents Nether Portals generating


Adds a 'variety' of netherrack tools, armor and blocks. The goal is to provide better use for netherrack


This is an example mod


This mod was made to add more after getting a diamond pickaxe


A mod that adds networking items and blocks to the game

Networks Manager by Java_Power

this mod add management ingame

Neuro Control by Gem2578

Example placeholder mod.

Neuro Control by Gem2578

Use your brainwaves in Minecraft.

Never Enough Candy by Darkhax

Adds some new sweets to the game!